Little Blue Ben plays hide and seek with his brother the blue pussycat. Whoever loses has to eat the other one's shishkebobed blue eggs. Join in the search for Little Blue Ben as he disappears into the pages of the book.

Little Blue Ben is another Mother Goose rhyme. I originally had the words exactly as Mother Goose wrote them.

Little Blue Ben, lives in the glen,
Keeps a blue cat and a blue hen,
That lays of blue eggs a score and ten.
Where shall I find the little blue Ben?

A score and ten sounded like a lot of eggs to me so I thought I'd make up a silly picture story about what she did with all those eggs. My editor at Scholastic suggested that I add a few more sentences to go with them. And I did.

A drawing of Jillian Jiggs
A picture of the balloon tree
A big blue chicken.

Little Blue Ben. Scholastic Canada, 1986
ISBN 0-590-71692-1

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