When rough, tough, gruff pirates kidnap Grandma and her parrot, Oliver, Melissa has to figure out a way to rescue them.

This started out as a very long story called, Grandma's Chocolate Chicken. He was left on Grandma's doorstep one cold, blustery evening, nothing covering his little basket but a pink cellophane wrapper. Grandma took good care of him, fed him lots delicious noodles and he grew up to be a big, strong chocolate chicken. When my story didn't work. I tried adding a few pirates. (I like pirates.) When the pirates stole Grandma's rhinestone necklace, the chocolate chicken yelled, "Stop, thieves!". "Egads!" said the Boss pirate. "A walking, talking chocolate chicken!" At that point, I decided my story was too silly even for me. I changed the chicken into a parrot, threw away the first half of my story and wrote, Grandma & the Pirates!

The Boss pirate looks a lot like my husband, Brian.
There are chickens in every book of mine except, Something From Nothing. (Though you can still find some kind of poultry in that book too.)
There's some fish missing from the end papers of the hardcover book.
All the rope designs are based on knots that sailors and scouts learn to tie.

A very wrinkled Balloon Tree book
An open copy of the Little Blue Ben book
One of Jillian's pigs hiding.
The same rug that was in Jillian's hallway
Jillian's teddybear

Grandma and the Pirates. Scholastic Canada, 1990; as Grand-mere et les pirates, translated by Christiane Duchesne, Scholastic Canada, 1990
ISBN 0-590-43425-X

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