Jillian Jiggs rushes from game to game. One minute she's a robot, the next minute she's a monster. How can she take time to clean up her room when there are so many interesting things to do?

The idea for Jillian Jiggs came from a Mother goose rhyme, Gregory Griggs:

Gregory Griggs, Gregory Griggs,
Had 27 different wigs.

I wanted to write a story about a boy named Gregory who turned everything in the house into a wig. But when I drew a picture of him wearing a mop, he looked like a girl. Now you can't call a girl Gregory, can you? The only three syllable girls's name I could think of was Gillian. Gillian Griggs didn't sound right. I dropped the 'r' and it became Gillian Giggs. When everybody mispronounced her name, my editor at Scholastic, suggested that the G's be changed to J's. And that's how Jillian Jiggs was born!

The paintings on the walls of Jillian's room were done by my children. There is a picture of Jason that was drawn by his sister, Melissa, on the wall. After working on The Balloon Tree for fifteen years, I kind of missed it. So I decided to hide a bit of it in Jillian Jiggs. That started something odd.

The wizard from The Balloon Tree
The painting of hundreds and millions and zillions of balloons

Jillian Jiggs. Scholastic Canada, 1985; as Lili Tire-bouchon, Scholastic, 1985
ISBN 0-590-74875-0

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