"Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise," is about what happens when Jillian doesn't have any money to buy her little sister Rebecca's birthday present. Her friends Peter and Rachel remind her that the best presents are the ones that you make. Jillian decides that they should surprise Rebecca by putting on a play, but things don't happen exactly the way she planned. Jillian winds up with a few surprises of her own!

"Jillian Jiggs & the Secret Surprise" contains the full script for Jillian's play "The Chicken Princess." If you want to put on your own "Chicken Princess Play" click the Play button below for helpful hints.

Jillian's princess dress is cut from the dress that her mother wore in the very first Jillian Jiggs book.
The Chicken Princess play was actually written before the main story of the book. It took many years for me to think up a good story to go with it.
Did you notice that the kitten that Rebecca found in "Jillian Jiggs to the Rescue" is in this book too?

Whenever I do a new book, I hide bits of my old books in it.

Cardboard boxes that were in the first Jillian Jiggs book
Babalatzzi, the dancing bear that was in "The Gypsy Princess"
The Balloon Tree, (not the big one on the dedication page)
Something made from the blanket material that was in "Something From Nothing"
Grandma from Grandma & the Pirates
Pirate Pearl's dog
Cinnamon's tambourine
Little Blue Ben (most of him is hidden)
The golden apple

Jillian Jiggs and the Secret Surprise. Scholastic Canada, 1999
ISBN 0-590-51578-0

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