Precious Pearl is a swashbuckling pirate girl, sailing the seven seas and giving away treasure as fast as she can steal it. Then she meets Prince Basil and, quicker than you can say, "shiver me timbers," she sets out on an incredible adventure and discovers the biggest treasure of all!

This book started out as a story about a leprechaun who steals the wrong treasure. But the minute I wrote the word treasure, pirates arrived on the scene and kidnapped my story. "Write about us!" They ordered. So I did.

Pirate Pearl's castle is really Casa Loma in Toronto.
The only portraits in this book are of myself and my husband, Brian. Yup! He's in here too.
Pirate Pearl's dog belongs to my daughter, Melissa. Her dog's name is Dakota. She likes being a famous pirate dog.
Pearl's diapers are the pirates' bandannas.


The Gypsy Princess dancing with Babalatzzi
Oliver, the parrot from Grandma & the Pirates
A bit of the Something From Nothing blanket
The golden apple
The King from The Balloon Tree
Little Blue Ben
One of Jillian's pigs
Jillian Jiggs
Grandma from Grandma & the Pirates

Pirate Pearl. Scholastic Canada, 1998
ISBN 0-590-12495-1

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